Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno: 'Headlining Reading And Leeds Festivals was a huge moment'

Serge Pizzorno has said that headlining this year's >Reading And Leeds festivals was "a huge moment" and claimed their performances were so good they "flew out of this universe" – click above to watch.

The guitarist paid tribute to the festival's fans and said: "It's hard to put into words… I thought there were seven levels and there's actually eight. We got to the eighth level last night. It was absolutely unbelievable. The crowd… We flew out of this universe."

He went on to add:
We've not played here for seven years. It was great – it was a huge moment.

Pizzorno also said that he and his bandmates had been adamant that they wouldn't return to the event unless they were chosen as headliners. "The second time we played we headlined the second stage, and after that it was so good we said we'd never play it again unless we headlined the main stage," he said. "Which was, I suppose, a risky manoeuvre, but it paid off."

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Reading & Leeds Warm Up Tickets Announced by Kasabian!!!!

Brixton’s O2 Academy in London show later this year have been announced by Kasabian.

The concert is to be on August 20, before their headline sets at Leeds and Reading festival.

On a question asked about related to their new album, Kasabian replied it will be darker than the last and that they are ditching the pop sound.

Serge is always writing music, whether he's on the road, at home, or in his hotel room," Meighan revealed at last weekend's T In The Park festival. "I imagine he's got a load of songs that I've not heard yet. He's played me some. I can't confirm how many he's got.

"We'll probably record when we have a break and get back in the studio late next year."

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Kasabian earlier days drug story revealed!!!

It has been revealed out that the band "Kasabian" took drugs at their career earlier days because  they had lost the hope to get succeed.

They have been engaged and involved in many illegal substances after signing their record deal in 2002.Guitarist Serge Pizzorno told The Sunday Times magazine: "We did just about everything we could get our hands on. Pills, coke, weed, booze. There was no tomorrow."

They had been questioned about the any illegal substance the band didn't take, he said they shied away from heroin.

He explained: "We never got into smack. I've always thought that's not a good idea. Luckily it never got dark. We never fell into a position where we looked around the room and went, 'Who are these people?'"

The singer said: "It was great to do all the clichéd stuff, but we were young then. It's different now. We're more disciplined. We've done it all, haven't we? We don't gain anything from it anymore."

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Kasabian latest album Velociraptor! chart back to top

British rock band Kasabian latest album Velociraptor! chart back to top.

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Lastly scored number one albums of his band with 2009's West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum and Empire in 2006.

Ed Sheeran takes second place with his debut +, while Adele revealed on third place with 21, a massive 35 weeks after the record was originally released.

In the album chart further new entries such as Tony Bennett's Duets II, which features his collaboration with Amy Winehouse on Body and Soul, and Christina Perri's first studio album Lovestrong.

In the singles chart, N-Dubz singer Dappy scored a number one with his first solo track No Regrets, his new album the track title.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Kasabian - live photos galary

Kasabian reveale UK and Ireland tour dates

Kasabian's Tom Meighan is the recommended that a stadium tour on the way for the rockers but a stop in his hometown Leicester’s football stadium is out of the question.

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The ‘Club Foot’ singers released their fourth studio album ‘Velociraptor!’. Meighan and guitarist Serge Pizzorno thinking the band are ready for bigger things.

The pair revealed, “I can’t say anything about it, but time will tell. It would really be something if we could play Wembley Stadium, to be big enough to headline there? Magnificent. Who knows what’ll happen next year.

“When [Leicester’s] stadium was built it wasn’t designed to be sturdy enough to have rock shows there, we keep asking the council if it can be strengthened. It would be incredible to have a homecoming at City’s ground as the biggest venue in Leicester only holds 2,000 people, which is frustrating.

“It would have been brilliant to play Glastonbury but all we need is a phone call from Michael Eavis and we’ll be there for 2013. One thing I really want to do before all this ends is to headline Glastonbury as we’ve always had an incredible time playing there. Hopefully it’ll happen.”

Kasabian UK and Ireland Tour Dates are as follows:

Fri November 25th 2011 - Odyssey Arena, Belfast
Sat November 26th 2011 - O2 Dublin, Dublin
Mon November 28th 2011 - The Brighton Centre, Brighton
Wed November 30th 2011 - Motorpoint Arena Cardiff, Cardiff
Fri December 2nd 2011 - Capital FM Arena Nottingham, Nottingham
Sat December 3rd 2011 - Capital FM Arena Nottingham, Nottingham
Sun December 4th 2011 - Liverpool Echo Arena, Liverpool
Tue December 6th 2011 - NIA Birmingham, Birmingham
Wed December 7th 2011 - MEN Arena Manchester, Manchester
Thu December 8th 2011 - Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Fri December 9th 2011 - Newcastle Arena, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Sat December 10th 2011 - Motorpoint Arena Sheffield, Sheffield
Sun December 11th 2011 - SECC, Glasgow
Mon December 12th 2011 - AECC, Aberdeen
Wed December 14th 2011 - The O2, London
Thu December 15th 2011 - The O2, London

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Kasabian's new album Velociraptor! inspiration behind

Kasabian's new album Velociraptor! inspiration behind the title is about telling Xfm, its album the name, of course, comes from the pack-hunting dinosaurs made famous by the film Jurassic Park.

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Speaking to Xfm's John Kennedy, singer Tom Meighan said: "These little prehistoric things, they were always in packs, like scavengers. It kind of feels like us, Kasabian against the rest of the world. I've always had an obsession with dinosaur names, amphibian names, you know, snake names. They sound amazing. They have these amazing Latin names."

Guitarist Serge Pizzorno continued: "They were small, but they were the only ones who could defeat the T Rex. The T Rex being the music industry! It works on both levels, too. But ultimately, it's just a beautiful word."

Tom added, "It's menacing, menacing cartoonish. It's bright and really fast."

The pair also revealed that in fact this year, the album was finished. Serge said, "It took us six months from start to finish. Now, finally it's out. We've been sitting on this for a long while cause it was finished in February, March."